Thursday, September 24, 2009

Warm And Coll Water

Sapta Tirta Pablengan Matesih and Warm Water Bathing Tawangmangu Cumpleng

If you want to shower with warm water in the Sapta Tirt Palengan and Cumpleng Distance 17 km from the east City Karanganyar. Warm Water Resources numerous in District 2 Karanganyar but only fruit that can be managed, namely: Seven Tirta Pablengan and Warm Baths Cumpleng Afr Pablengan Sapta Tirta Pablengan located in the village, district Matesih, at back on a shady hill called Argo Tiloso. Besides presenting the Warm Baths Afr high sulfur yield, in this location there are as many as 7 (seven) types of springs:

1. Warm Water
2. Dead Water
3. Cold Water
4. Soda Water
5. Living Water
6. Hole Water

There are also bathing place open to the booth number 6 (six) pieces, shaped facet Six, legacy of King Mangkunegoro VI. While Afr Warm Baths in the Village Cumpleng Plumbon, Tawangmangu, a source of water containing sulfur, iron and other substances useful to cure skin diseases and rheumatism, the existing facilities: open and closed Baths,'s outdoor playground children and Toilet.

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